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Fleshlight Cleaning & Care Instructions

In order to enjoy your Fleshlight for a long time, it is important to clean and dry the insert thoroughly after each use. If moisture, sperm and lube residues remain inside the insert for too long, it can cause mold build-up or bacterial growth inside of the inner canal and render the Fleshlight unusable.

Rinse out the Fleshlight insert and case thoroughly

After each use, take the insert out of the case and wash it off with warm, clean water. Then rinse out the inner canal from both sides. Next, fill the canal with water again, keep both openings closed and shake the insert around a little and then empty the water again. Doing so properly cleans all sperm and lube residues from the inner canal.

If you have a high textured Fleshlight insert, you should turn it inside out and clean out the tight spaces, chambers and ribs with your fingertips. The length of time the insert is turned inside out should be minimal (no more than 3-5 minutes) so that the insert does not become damaged by over stretching (to avoid problems like tearing or permanent deformation).

Then clean the outside of the Fleshlight case and rinse it out. Finally, screw the rear cap off and clean it separately.

Don't use normal soap or cleansing gels to clean the insert

Normal soaps and cleansing gels containing oil damage the chemical structure of the skin-like material of the Fleshlight insert. If you use oil-based soap or cleansing gel, after a couple of cleanings, the surfaces become sticky and unsightly. Therefore you shouldn't use these types of cleaning products and instead use a perfume-free and oil-free soap substitute.

On the other hand, you can use any kind of soap or cleansing gel to clean the Fleshlight case because it is made of hard plastic and oil and soap have no negative effect on it.

Disinfect the Fleshlight insert after multiple uses

The Fleshlight manufacturer recommends disinfecting the insert with Isopropyl Alcohol (Propan-2-Ol) or Fleshwash, which kills germs, bacteria and mildew that could potentially be harmful to your health. Disinfecting from time to time prevents germs, bacteria and mildew from having a chance to grow.

If you are using Fleshwash, you can simply spray it (after cleaning with water) into the inside and onto the outside of the Fleshlight insert. After an exposure time of 5 minutes, the disinfectant dries, killing bacteria and mildew. You then should wash the disinfectant off the insert to avoid skin irritation.

Dry the Fleshlight insert and case thoroughly

Besides a thorough cleaning, efficient drying is an important factor for the durability of the Fleshlight insert. After cleaning and disinfecting the insert and case, wipe both off thoroughly with a towel, inside and out.

Because it is difficult to dry the inner canal, you should put the insert back in the case and allow the air to dry it with the caps opened on both sides for several hours. A quicker method is to dry the canal with a fan or a hair dryer (cool air only!). If you have a high textured Fleshlight insert, you can pull paper towels through the inner canal, which will absorb the majority of the moisture.

Care of insert surfaces with 100% pure talcum powder or Fleshlight renewing powder

Once you have used and cleaned a Fleshlight insert several times, you will notice that the silky surface becomes a little sticky and loses some of its softness. To maintain or renew the silky, soft surface you should apply some talcum powder or Fleshlight Renewing Powder to the insert after cleaning and drying.

After powdering, the original softness of the Fleshlight insert returns. It is however important to use only 100% pure talcum that contains absolutely no oil-based ingredients. Don't use normal baby powder because it usually contains perfume oils which will damage the Fleshlight material.

Fleshlight manufacturer has developed a special powder that is made especially for the "Super Skin" material and is optimally suited for Fleshlight care called: Fleshlight Renewing Powder