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Fleshlight Parts and Structure

Fleshlight Parts and Structure
The Fleshlight has a simple structure and consists of four parts: Fleshlight insert (1), Fleshlight case (2), big front screw cap (3), small rear screw cap (4)

(1) Fleshlight Insert
The insert is the inner part of the Fleshlight and the pussy itself. The insert is made of "Real Feel Super Skin", a very soft and skin-like material, which is extremely elastic and flexible. The insert is placed inside the Fleshlight case and becomes securely fastened to a groove. The side wings of the rear insert part take shape against the wall of the case, forming several air chambers along the sides. The front insert part, which is outside of the case, is the entrance to the inner canal and designed like a orifice. There is a great variety of different orifices as well as pussy openings and there are also a number of mouth and butt openings. Most of them are castings molded from famous erotic models and porn stars and therefore the orifices look very realistic. There is also a wide range of different inner canal textures, which vary greatly from each other in appearance and stimulation.

(2) Fleshlight Case
The case is the "home" of the insert and is made of hard plastic. It keeps the soft, elastic insert in shape and ensures the necessary counter pressure inside the canal. Using the highly flexible insert without a case is nearly impossible because it is far too elastic to be held properly. The Fleshlight case is open on both sides and has screw threads on the front and rear. You can screw on the caps on both sides in order to enclose the insert in the Fleshlight case. When closed, the Fleshlight case looks like a ordinary flashlight that allows discreet storage. There are several finger grooves at the rear that provide a non-slip grip, allowing the case to sit comfortably and easily in the hand.

(3) Big Front Screw Cap
The big cap is screwed onto the front of the Fleshlight case and protects the outside part of the insert (orifice) against dust, dirt and other environmental elements during storage. The front cap is used only for storage and is removed prior to use of the Fleshlight.

(4) Small Rear Screw Cap
The small cap serves for regulating the suction inside the inner canal. When the rear cap is completely closed, suction is at its maximum. The further you screw this cap off, the more the suction power decreases. In this manner, you can vary the suction effect according to your personal preference and you can feel the stimulation of the Fleshlight in a completely different way.

Further Images
Fleshlight front view with big cap Fleshlight rear view with small cap
Fleshlight front view with big cap Fleshlight rear view with small cap
Fleshlight Case closed Fleshlight insert
Fleshlight Case closed Fleshlight insert