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Review Fleshlight Girls Bump N Grind Texture (Misty Stone) - Test & Rating

Bump N Grind Texture Review

The Bump N Grind canal is the exclusive inner texture of the Fleshlight Girls erotic star Misty Stone and is only purchasable with her pussy orifice. Because Misty Stone is of African American ancestry, the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF is breaking new ground with this Fleshlight by releasing the first Fleshlight insert with brown skin tone. This move is long overdue and many Fleshlight fans have been waiting for it for a long time. The inside of the insert also has plenty to offer and combines a texture of several rings of bumps and zigzag-shaped ridges into a total of four chambers.

The canal texture starts with a 0.8 x 0.6 inch (20 x 15 mm) smooth walled chamber, which has a ring of flat hemispheric bumps at the end. The shape and size of the bumps is comparable to those of the Speed Bump Insert. Next is a 0.4 x 0.6 inch (10 x 15 mm) chamber containing another ring of hemispheric bumps. This is followed by a third 2.35 x 0.7 inch (40 x 18 mm) chamber that has a ring of hemispheric bumps at the chamber entrance as well as the exit with a zigzag-shaped ridge texture in the center. Experienced Fleshlight users will be familiar with this ridge texture because it has been partially borrowed from the Vortex Insert. The fourth chamber has the same structure as the preceding chamber except for some additional bumps at the end.

Fleshlight Girls Misty Stone Pussy Bump N Grind Fleshlight Canal Length
Fleshlight Girls - Misty Stone Pussy Bump N Grind Fleshlight Canal Length

Upon penetration into the Bump N Grind canal, the penis head becomes intensely stimulated by the three rings of bumps and the two canal constrictions at the chamber entrances and exits. While the bumps apply pointed stimulations, the canal constrictions slip over the penis head, generating a terrific penetration sensation. When the penis reaches the third chamber, the transversal spiral ridges grab the head and the rim of the penis from all sides, creating a completely different sensation than the preceding canal part. As a result, an extremely varied massage of the penis occurs when sliding in and out.

With an average penis length of 5.9 inches (15 cm), you can fully reach the third chamber but will not be able to enter the fourth chamber because all the fleshlight canals are generally a bit over-sized. But you will not miss anything much because the texture simply repeats in this part of the canal. However, a lot of vacuum can accumulate here and therefore the last chamber creates an excellent suction effect.

The cleaning of the many chambers, ridges and bump interstices requires a bit of effort and takes some time. The drying of the high-density textures takes about 3-5 hours and thus is also relatively long.

Thanks to the clever arrangement of the bump and rib textures, the Bump N Grind inner canal texture creates a particularly varied stimulation effect, which unifies pointed stimulations with smooth embracing stimulations. Especially for lovers of brown chocolate pussys, this Fleshlight is an absolute must-have because it is convincing not only visually but also with regard to its effective stimulation.

Rating / Test Results

Intensity 7/10 Realism 9/10
Stimulation 8/10 Variation 10/10
Penetration 7/10 Lube Use 6/10
Tightness 7/10 Cleanup 5/10
Suction Effect 8/10 Dry Time 4/10
Overall Rating

For more info about the Bump N Grind Insert visit the manufacturers official homepage:

>>> Fleshlight Girl Misty Stone at Fleshlight.com <<<

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