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Review Fleshlight Girls Tease Texture (Tera Patrick) - Test & Rating

Tease Texture Review

The pussy orifice of Fleshlight Girl Tera Patrick which was available with the exclusive "Twista" texture heretofore has been combined with a new inner texture named "Tease". Fortunately, the production of the Twista texture has not been discontinued but it has been re-named to "Twisted" and is from now on only available with Tera Patrick's butt orifice.

The all-new "Tease" inner canal contains a multi-chamber texture consisting of six chambers, each filled with a different bump or cross-rib texture. As if that were not enough, even a Lotus node has been placed inside the third chamber of the insert. The inner diameter of the canal turns out very irregularly, there are a plenty of constrictions at the chamber transitions and widely spaced parts inside the chambers. Thus, there are no complains about a lack of variety.

As mentioned before, the Tease canal is the new exclusive inner texture of Fleshlight Girl Tera Patrick and is therefore exclusively combined with her pussy orifice.

At the canal entrance is situated a very tight and small chamber (20 x 10 mm) which is covered by a slightly cross-rib texture. After a extremely tight transition with a ring of six tiny bumps, the second chamber follows which is with a size of 30 x 20 mm quite wide. In the middle of this chamber are placed six big, long-stemmed bumps. This is followed by the distinctly tighter third chamber which is shaped like a hourglass and which has a length of 35 mm. In the front part of the chamber are four rings of each three longish bumps (which almost look like cross-ribs) and in the rear part is situated a Lotus node. Next is the fourth chamber which is filled with sloped and long-stemmed bumps which protrude widely into the canal. The fifth chamber is covered with ribs in a cross pattern and the end of the canal is formed by the sixth chamber with three big and six small round-headed bumps.

Fleshlight Girls Tera Patrick Pussy Tease Fleshlight Canal Length
Fleshlight Girls - Tera Patrick Pussy Tease Fleshlight Canal Length

The penetration into the Tease canal is accompanied by a great tightness sensation and the following second, very wide chamber provides an excellent contrast to it. Because at this point the tightness sensation is immediately interrupted and is replaced by occasional pointed stimulations caused by the big bumps in the middle of the chamber. After that, the tightness returns because now the penis head enters the third chamber with the Lotus node.

The thrust through the Lotus node is also inside the Tease canal an outstanding pleasure, similar to the classic Lotus canal a suddenly change between wideness to tightness appears and caresses the penis-head splendidly. Inside the Tease canal the effect is even more varied because thanks to the hourglass-like shape of the chamber you will feel "wideness to tightness to wideness to tightness to wideness" (chamber entrance, centrically constriction, Lotus entrance, Lotus exit, fourth chamber). This high-frequent and very smooth stimulation with changing tightness effects feels really fantastic and can't be experienced in this way with any other Fleshlight texture.

With a normal penis length of 5.9 inches (15 cm) you finally reach the fourth chamber and you will be welcomed by the long-stemmed bumps which swirl enjoyable around the penis head. On the backward movement the bumps get bended and create thereby additional stimulations which feel like the bumps wants to "grab" your penis head. Additionally, plenty of lube gets trapped in this area and therefore it is exceedingly slippery and warm (if you have warmed-up the lube before) which adds plenty of pleasure to the overall stimulation.

Of course, the basic Lotus concept "tight in the front, Lotus node, wide in the back" is not entirely new. As you may know, a couple of successful Lotus texture advancements have been already developed, namely the canals: Primal, Gauntlet, Frankenstein, Zombie, Alien and Mini-Lotus. But what makes the Tease texture so special? The answer is - the design is simply perfect, since the chambers inside the canal have been optimally placed: The Lotus node is in a easily reachable distance, the second chamber before the Lotus node firmly holds the penis-head inside the canal (and the penis can't slip out unintentionally) and the fourth chamber is, if you don't thrust, great for "resting a while" to prevent too early ejaculation.

And to "rest a while" is definitively necessary from time to time because the stimulation intensity is surprisingly strong and you have to keep your penis under control if you want to enjoy this texture longer than 5 minutes. Thanks to the large fifth chamber, the Tease canal builds up an excellent vacuum pretty fast which accompanies the stimulation with a pleasurable and intensively perceptible suck sensation.

The clean-up of all the texture elements and chambers is quite time-consuming because you should briefly turn the insert inside out to be able to completely remove all residues. Because of the big number of constrictions inside the canal, also the dry-time lasts relatively long and takes about 4 hours.

With the Tease texture the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF impressively proves that they have collected a lot of know-how based on their experiences (and user feedbacks) of previous texture concepts over the last years. Because with this canal an all-new stimulation world has been created which was never felt before. Who thought that there is nothing more to pull out of the Lotus texture concept will be surprised about the enhancements of the Tease canal. The tightness-to-wideness perception and the suction effect have been distinctly improved again and the hourglass-shaped chamber adds excellently to the classic Lotus concept. It is an outstanding texture which knows how to blow away Fleshlight professionals as well as Lotus enthusiasts.

Rating / Test Results

Intensity 9/10 Realism 8/10
Stimulation 10/10 Variation 10/10
Penetration 10/10 Lube Use 7/10
Tightness 10/10 Cleanup 5/10
Suction Effect 10/10 Dry Time 5/10
Overall Rating

For more info about the Tease Insert visit the manufacturers official homepage:

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