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Review Mini-Lotus - Sex in a Can (Lady Lager) - Test & Rating

Sex in a Can - Lady Lager Review

The Mini-Lotus canal is a smaller version of the effective Lotus canal of the Fleshlight Girls series. In order to adapt the canal to fit into the Sex-in-a-Can case, it has been shortened to about 6.9 inches (17.5 cm) from 8.8 inches (22.5 cm) in length. Also, the diameter of the inner canal is 0.4 - 0.7 inches, which is slightly tighter than inside the ordinary Fleshlight. The Mini-Lotus canal is only available in combination with the pussy orifice of the Sex in a Can "Lady Lager" masturbator.

In contrast to the classic Lotus canal of the ordinary Fleshlight, a further chamber has been added to the Mini-Lotus canal at the entrance and, in the rear part, one of the four chambers has been omitted. The convex-concave shaped Lotus node is situated 0.8 inches (20 mm) nearer to the entrance and is therefore more easily reachable for men with a shorter penis length. In the following image, the two canal textures are displayed together in their actual proportions to each other for purposes of comparison.

Sex in a Can Lady Lager Pussy SIAC Mini-Lotus Canal Length
Sex in a Can - Lady Lager Pussy SIAC Mini-Lotus Canal Length

Upon penetration into the Mini-Lotus canal, you notice straight away that the stimulation is considerably more intense than inside the classic Lotus canal. This is because, on the one hand, the tightness sensation is increased thanks to the smaller canal diameter and, on the other hand, with an average penis length of 5.9 inches (15 cm), the rear chambers are now almost completely reachable.

The first two chambers at the entrance passage provide a gentle, smooth stimulation, which briefly increases at the transition constriction between the chambers because at this point the chambers form a very noticeable wave. After this double-chamber, the thrust through the Lotus node creates a very intense and pleasurable sensation on the penis head, which at first is engulfed by the Lotus chamber and then suddenly released with a "plop". The penis head then lands in the chamber behind the Lotus node, where it can "relax" for a moment.

This short "relaxation phase" is quite necessary because the most intense texture part - consisting of three short but wide chambers at the canal end - is to follow. Because the chambers are rather wide (0.7 inch / 18 mm) but the chamber transitions are very tight (0.4 inch / 10 mm), an unbelievably intense alternation between wideness and tightness appears. Overall, the canal texture provides an extremely varied stimulation, which impacts on the penis gently at the entrance and very intensely in the rear canal part and which is enhanced by a strong tightness sensation when passing through the Lotus node.

The stimulation is accompanied by a pleasurable suction effect, which is not quite as strong as in the classic Lotus canal of the ordinary Fleshlight because less vacuum can accumulate inside the tighter and shorter Mini-Lotus canal.

The clean-up of the Mini-Lotus canal is similarly time-consuming as it is with the Lotus canal. The relatively large amount of sperm and lube residue that builds up between the chambers and the Lotus node needs to be rinsed out thoroughly. Drying also takes some time, lasting about 3-4 hours.

The Sex in a Can - Lady Lager with the Mini-Lotus canal provides an extremely varied texture which renders effective stimulation of the penis head. Passing through the Lotus node in this canal is also a fantastic sensation. Compared to the "big" Lotus canal of the ordinary Fleshlight, the smaller Mini-Lotus version feels considerably tighter and therefore the inner texture elements are much more noticeable. However, the suction effect is lessened and you do not the choice between different pussy orifices as with the Fleshlight Girls series. The Mini-Lotus canal is particularly recommended for men with a shorter or normal penis length (5.9 inches / 15 cm) who are unable to fully reach the Lotus node and the chambers behind it inside the ordinary Lotus canal. Conversely, men with a penis length of more than 6.7 inches (17 cm) are better off buying the ordinary Fleshlight Lotus because the Mini-Lotus canal will likely be too tight and too short.

Rating / Test Results

Intensity 8/10 Realism 9/10
Stimulation 9/10 Variation 10/10
Penetration 10/10 Lube Use 7/10
Tightness 8/10 Cleanup 6/10
Suction Effect 5/10 Dry Time 5/10
Overall Rating

For more info about the Mini-Lotus Insert visit the manufacturers official homepage:

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