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How to use a Fleshlight (Proper Usage)

The usage of a Fleshlight is designed to be self-evident but there are a few helpful tips to considerably improve the feeling and stimulation of the Fleshlight. The most important are listed here:

Fleshlight plastic tube
Fleshlight Plastic Tube
Remove the inner plastic tube before first use

Before you use a factory-new Fleshlight for the first time, you need to remove the plastic tube from the inner canal, otherwise you can hurt yourself by hitting against it.

The plastic tube prevents the sticking together of the canal walls during storage and transport and is inserted into all factory-new Fleshlights. The plastic tube can simply be pulled out and discarded.

Water-Based Lubes
Water-Based Lubes
Always use a water-based lube

It is highly recommended that you use a lubricant because without it, you will have problems penetrating the Fleshlight and the sensation is not nearly as enjoyable. In order to get the most realistic feeling from the Fleshlight, it needs to be wet and slippery inside the canal like a real vagina.

There is a wide variety of lubes on the market but not every lube is suitable for the Fleshlight. Oil-based and silicone-based lubes damage the "Super Skin" material of the Fleshlight insert and the surfaces become sticky and unsightly. Furthermore, the tensile strength of the material is reduced.

You therefore should only use water-based lubes. These lubes have no negative effect on the Fleshlight material and have equally good gliding properties.

Recommended lubes are: FleshLube Water, ID-Glide or Gun Oil H2O
Fleshlight heating
Fleshlight Heating

Heat up your Fleshlight insert and lube before usage

To make the feeling much more realistic, you should heat up the insert and the lube to body temperature (98 °F). Obviously a warm pussy with warmed up lube feels a lot more realistic than a pussy at room temperature filled with cold lube.

To heat up your Fleshlight, place the insert (without the case) into hot water in your sink for 20 minutes. The insert will rise to the top of the water and you need to submerge it for optimal heating results. The best way is to wedge a lube bottle between the Fleshlight insert and the faucet so that the insert remains underwater. This way the lube heats up as well.

After 10 minutes you should empty the sink and replace it with fresh hot water. Afterwards, the Fleshlight insert and the lube should be optimally heated and the warming effect will last for quite some time. Finally, place the insert into the Fleshlight case and fill the warm lube into the inner canal. Now a warm, wet pussy is ready for you.

For experienced Fleshlight users or for those who think that this method is too time-consuming, there is a heating unit available called "Fleshwarmer". Using this heater, you can warm up your insert and lube faster and more evenly.
Adapt lube amount
Adapt Lube Amount
Adjust the amount of lube according to inner texture

You should not fill too much lube into your Fleshlight and rather adjust the amount of lube in consideration of the particular type of inner texture. Low textured inserts need much less lube than high textured inserts.

If you use too much lube, you will "over lube" the inner canal textures and they will be less noticeable and will lose intensity. Therefore it is recommended to fill less lube into the canal at the beginning and add more lube later if needed.

Regulate Fleshlight suction
Suction Regulation
Use the small rear screw cap to regulate Fleshlight suction

The rear screw cap is designed to regulate the suction of the inner canal. Screwing the cap on completely creates a vacuum when penetrating the inner canal. On the backward movement you feel the suction effect created by the vacuum.

When the cap is screwed on completely, the suction effect is at its maximum; the further you screw it off, the more the suction power decreases. In this manner, you can vary the suction effect according to your personal preference and you can feel the stimulation of the Fleshlight in a completely different way.
Liberator Fleshlight Motion
Liberator "Top Dog"
Hands-free usage

Particularly enjoyable is using the Fleshlight without your hands. The hands-free usage renders a much more realistic feeling because you can fuck your Fleshlight like a real pussy.

You can simply wedge the Fleshlight between pillows, couch cushions or mattresses. A professional mount for smooth surfaces (for instance wall tiles or glass panels) is the Fleshlight Shower Mount.

Another option is to put your Fleshlight into a shoe so that it sticks out at a 45 degree angle. There are also special Fleshlight mounts specially designed to hold the Fleshlight. These mounts are produced by the manufacturer Liberator (Fleshlight Motion).