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Fleshking - Latest Fleshlight News & Information

Here you find the latest news and information about Fleshlight products and the Fleshking website.

09.07.2015 - Cherry Devivre - Fleshlight Cam Star Girl with exclusive Luxe canal

Cherry Devivre  - Fleshlight Cam Star Girl with exclusive Luxe canal

A new Fleshlight Girl has been introduced by the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF: Her name is Cherry Devivre and she is one of the most sought-after live performers of the popular web cam portal "Flirt4Free".

Her molded pussy orifice has been combined with an own exclusive inner canal texture named "Luxe" (pictures of her molding: Blog.Fleshlight.com). The Luxe canal offers an extraordinary densely textured multi-chamber system with two constrictions and several different types of bumps.

According to ILF, after the release of Cherry Devivre's Fleshlight further live cam stars of the Flirt4Free portal will be added to a new product series called "Fleshlight Cam Stars". The 20 best performers can be seen at the following website and you can be curious about which of the girls will be molded next: Flirt4Free Top 20

More about the new Fleshlight Girl can be found here: Fleshlight Cam Stars - Cherry Devivre

30.06.2015 - New "Fleshlight GO" Surge Pink Lady and Torque Ice released

New "Fleshlight GO" Surge Pink Lady and Torque Ice released

The Fleshlight manufacturer ILF has noticed that also the smaller versions of their masturbators became increasingly popular and that a solid demand is created because of the more favorable prices. Probably due to the success of the Flight masturbators, the classic Pink Lady Fleshlight and Ice Fleshlight are now also available in a scaled-down version.

The new stand-alone masturbator series has been named "Fleshlight GO" and includes the products "Pink Lady" with the "Surge" texture and "Ice" with the "Torque" texture. (Additionally the Surge texture is also available with a butt orifice in the gay version named "Fleshjack Surge Pink Butt".) The Surge texture is equipped with crosswise arranged mini-ribs and Stamina bumps in the central part and the Torque texture is a size-reduced version of the already known Crystal texture with an additional swirl in the front.

Similar to the compact masturbators of the Flight by Fleshlight series and the Sex in a Can series the models of the Fleshlight GO offer besides considerably smaller dimensions (7 inches/17 cm instead of 9 inches/23 cm) also a lower weight, a more noticeable tightness sensation and a relatively low price. But on the other hand they also will provide a lesser suction effect and the masturbation sensation will feel a bit less "flesh-like" compared to the regular-sized Fleshlights.

A real advantage of the Fleshlight GO is that there are several finger grooves placed on top of the case because thanks to these the case is much easier to hold and better to handle than the smooth surfaced cases of the competing masturbators Flight and Sex in a Can.

Additional information can be found here: Fleshlight Go Pink Lady & Ice / Fleshjack Go Pink Butt & Ice

13.04.2015 - Teagan Presley - New Trigger & Bulletproof Fleshlights available

Teagan Presley - New Trigger & Bulletproof Fleshlights available

The pussy orifice of Fleshlight Girl Teagan Presley is now available with a new inner canal texture. The texture has been named "Trigger" and is a newly developed texture concept. The inner surface is covered by a dense texture of small and big long-stemmed bumps which are arranged in a spiral shape.

The "Love Humps" texture which was previously combined with Teagan Presley's pussy orifice, has been renamed to "Bulletproof" and is now the exclusive inner texture of her butt orifice (and replaces the previous Forbidden texture).

Additional information can be found here: New Teagan Presley Fleshlights - Trigger & Bulletproof

12.03.2015 - Steak & Blow Job Day - 20% Off All Fleshlight Girls Oral Fleshlights

Fleshlight Blow Job Day

Currently, there is a limited-time offer at the official store of the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF named the "Steak & Blow Job Day". All masturbators of the Fleshlight Girls series which have an oral orifice (Mouth Fleshlights with Swallow texture) are now available with a discount of 20%.

This applies to the 12 Fleshlight Girls Riley Steele, Tori Black, Lisa Ann, Stoya, Jessica Drake, Asa Akira, Misty Stone, Jesse Jane, Tera Patrick, Bibi Jones, Jenna Haze and Teagan Presley.

Additionally, the special offer includes the vagina and butt Fleshlights of these girls too, which are also available with a 20% discount. This is a great opportunity to add some new highlights to your collection.

An overview of the offer can be found here: Fleshlight Steak & Blow Job Day

15.01.2015 - Sleeve Warmer - a new professional Fleshlight heating method

Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer heating rod

With the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer, Fleshlight manufacturer ILF has brought to the market an all-new brilliant method for warming up the inner canal of a Fleshlight.

Until now, the best method was to heat up the Fleshlight sleeve for about 30 minutes in hot water, then dry it with a towel and place the sleeve back into the Fleshlight case - hence a rather lengthy and laborious process. Still, as a real Fleshlight connoisseur, you did so anyway because you know a Fleshlight at body temperature feels much more realistic and more intense than at room temperature.

With the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer, immersing in water and removal from the sleeve is no longer required. Now, you simply mount the whole Fleshlight onto the upright heating rod which warms up the Fleshlight sleeve in about 5 minutes from room temperature to 40° Celsius (or 105° Fahrenheit). Once this temperature is reached, it remains so up to the moment you want to use the Fleshlight (although there is an automatic shut-off feature to prevent overheating). The Fleshlight water-resistant heating rod is placed on a stable tripod. It can be charged using a USB cable connected to a computer or a USB wall adapter.

Additional information about the Fleshlight heating rod can be read here: Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

07.01.2015 - Fleshlight ICE Lady with limited North Pole texture

Fleshlight ICE limited edition North Pole texture

To coincide with the cold days of winter, manufacturer ILF has just released a Fleshlight ICE special edition with a new inner texture. The texture, named "North Pole", consists of a multi-chamber texture with twisted cross-ribs and big bumps in the front and a tight canal at the end. For the canal entrance, the classic "ICE Lady" pussy orifice has been chosen.

The North Pole Fleshlight is a limited offer that will be available for a short time only, while supplies last. More info about the texture can be found here: Fleshlight ICE Lady limited edition - North Pole

03.11.2014 - New Fleshlight Girl Angela White introduced

Angela White Indulge and Entice Fleshlights

With Angela White the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF has introduced a new Fleshlight Girl. The curvaceous girl from Australia is a well-known star of the "Busty genre" and since the year 2003 she has been appeared in about 19 DVD productions. Here is a link to her official website: AngelaWhite.com

Her Fleshlights have been casted from her pussy and butt and each of them has an all-new (and exclusive) inner canal. The canal of her pussy Fleshlight is called "Indulge" and is covered with an interesting pure bump texture and the canal of her butt Fleshlight named "Entice" offers a spiral texture with cross-ribs and "donut-shaped" bumps.

More about the new Fleshlight Girl can be read here: Angela White Indulge / Entice Fleshlights

19.09.2014 - Alexis Texas - Butt Fleshlight and new Outlaw texture

Alexis Texas - Butt Fleshlight and new Outlaw texture

From Fleshlight Girl Alexis Texas a newly casted butt Fleshlight is now available. The "Texas Tornado" texture which was previously exclusively combined with her pussy Fleshlight is now the inner canal of her new butt orifice.

In exchange, her pussy Fleshlight has got a new exclusive inner texture with the name "Outlaw". The Outlaw canal is a completely new development and offers a texture of three chambers with cross-ribs which are interconnected by two tight bump-filled canals.

More info about her butt orifice and the Outlaw texture can be found here: Alexis Texas Fleshlights

06.08.2014 - Jana Haze Fleshlights with two new inner textures

Jana Haze Fleshlights with two new inner textures

The Fleshlights of Jenna Haze are now available with new inner textures. The former "Maze" texture of the pussy Fleshlight has been replaced by the "Obsession" canal and her anal Fleshlight is now available with the all-new "Lust" texture instead of the "Forbidden" texture. In addition, the production of her mouth Fleshlight (Swallow texture) has been unfortunately discontinued.

More info about the new textures can be found here: New Jenna Haze Fleshlights

05.08.2014 - "Sex in a Can" masturbators will be discontinued soon

"Sex in a Can" masturbators will be discontinued soon

The Fleshlight manufacturer ILF has announced to discontinue the production of the "Sex in a Can" product series by August 31st 2014. After that date, the tight mini versions of the canal textures Lotus, Swallow and Forbidden will not be purchasable anymore. If you don't have these funny masturbators in your collection yet, you should get them fast before they sell out.

Here are the links to the SIAC product pages: Sex-in-a-Can Gold | Succu Dry

07.07.2014 - Tera Patrick Fleshlight with new inner texture

Tera Patrick Fleshlight with new inner texture

For the Fleshlight girl Tera Patrick the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF has designed a new inner canal texture. The canal has been named "Tease" and offers a multi-chamber texture with very tight chamber passages. This texture replaces the former "Twista" texture and is exclusively available with her pussy orifice.

The Twista texture has been renamed to "Twisted" and is now only available with her anal orifice. Unfortunately , the production of the Tera Patrick anal Fleshlight with "Forbidden" texture and of her mouth Fleshlight with "Swallow" texture have been discontinued.

Further information about the new textures be found here: New Tera Patrick Fleshlights

01.07.2014 - Fleshlight LaunchPad - a new attachment for iPad users

Fleshlight LaunchPad

For users of Apple iPad tablet computers a new funny attachment, named "Fleshlight LaunchPad", has been released recently by the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF. The LaunchPad is a mount on which you can attach your Fleshlight directly to your iPad to come closer to your favorite porn star than ever before. This Fleshlight mount is especially useful for watching "point-of-view" videos or if you have an erotic video chat with your wife or your girl friend.

The LaunchPad is made of a flexible rubber material and is suitable for all iPads of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation. It has recesses for the iPad onboard controls (like power, home button and volume) and there are also rugged hand grips on both sides to ensure that the LaunchPad always stays securely in your hands. On the backside are located a recess shaped like a half-cut tube for inserting the Fleshlight case and two neoprene Velcro straps to hold it in position. Additionally, this recess is also suitable for cases of the smaller Fleshlight Flight masturbators.

Further information and a short introduction video can be found here: Fleshlight LaunchPad

21.01.2014 - Jenna Jameson Fleshlight with new "Legend" inner texture

Jenna Jameson Fleshlight with new Legend texture

Jenna Jameson, one of the world's most famous adult-entertainment performers, has just joined the Fleshlight Girls! Jenna has been dubbed the "Queen of Porn" and during her illustrious career has won more than 20 adult video awards for her appearances in more than 165 video productions.

Her molded Fleshlight pussy has a new exclusive inner texture with the fitting name of "Legend". The texture consists of seven chambers, which are covered with variously sized bump rings and crosswise and lengthwise ribs.

More info about the new Fleshlight Girl can be found here: Fleshlight Jenna Jameson - Legend

08.01.2014 - Fleshlight Special Sale - 25% off on all Fleshlight brand products

Fleshlight Special Sale - 25% off

Currently, you can take advantage of a limited-time offer at the official Fleshlight store and save 25% on your purchase. The discount is available for all "Fleshlight Brand" products which are manufactured directly by ILF (with the exception of Fleshlight Girls and Fleshjack Boys products). The following Fleshlight products are included in the offer: Originals, Stamina Training Unit, Flight, Blade, Vibro, Freaks, Ice and Sex-in-a-Can. This is a great opportunity to add some new highlights to your Fleshlight collection.

A complete overview of all discounted items can be found here: Fleshlights with a 25% discount

02.01.2014 - New Christy Mack Fleshlights - from Tattoo Star to Fleshlight Girl

New Christy Mack Fleshlights

With the addition of Christy Mack, the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF has expanded the range of Fleshlight Girls products with yet another star of the American porn industry. The 23-year-old Christy became particularly well-known for her tattoos, being that initially she was a mainstream tattoo model and has had photo shoots for the magazines InkedGirls and Rebel Ink, among others. She has also been working as an erotic model and actress since 2012, appearing in more than 85 film and video productions mostly in the "Tattoo-Porn" and "Alternative Porn" genre. Further information about Christy can be found on her personal homepage: ChristyMack.com

Molds of Christy Mack's pussy and butt have been cast and two new Fleshlights have been produced with them. Additionally, her Fleshlights are available with two exclusive inner canals: her Fleshlight pussy with the "Attac" texture and her Fleshlight butt with the "Booty" texture.

Here is the link to her product page: Fleshlight Christy Mack

12.12.2013 - New Flight adapter for Shower Mount and VStroker attachment

Fleshlight ICE Cheeks orifice

For the masturbators of the "Flight by Fleshlight" product series, a new adapter is available for which the rear screw thread has been widened to the size of the thread of a regular Fleshlight case. With this adapter, you can now attach the Shower Mount and/or the VStroker attachment to the smaller Flight case and enjoy your Flight masturbator in an entirely different way.

The Flight adapter can be ordered separately or in a package combined with the Shower Mount attachment. More information can be found here: Flight Shower Mount / VStroker adpater

18.11.2013 - Fleshlight ICE now also available with Cheeks orifice

Fleshlight ICE Cheeks orifice

The "Pink Cheeks" orifice, which was added to the "Original" product series in March 2013, has just been released as a transparent Fleshlight Ice version. Thanks to this move, the extremely tight and rather small, well-rounded butt shaped opening is now also available with the favored "Crystal" texture of the Fleshlight Ice series.

More info about the Fleshlight Ice products can be found here: Ice Cheeks

15.11.2013 - Punk-Porn Star Joanna Angel becomes Fleshlight girl

Johanna Angel becomes Fleshlight girl

A new Fleshlight Girl has been added! Her name is Johanna Angel and she is a true cult star and co-founder of the "Alt Porn" genre, which combines elements of punk, gothic and horror with sexuality. The hardcore actress has appeared in more than 100 porn videos and is also the director at her own film production company "Burning Angel".

The Johanna Angel Fleshlight starts with the classic Lotus canal and is now available in the official Fleshlight store. Here is the link to her product page: Joanna Angel Fleshlight

22.10.2013 - Halloween special offer - Fleshlight Alien insert for free!

free Alien Fleshlight

Halloween is just around the corner and to make this spooky evening even a bit more gruesome, the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF has come up with a "dreadfully nice" special offer: with any $79 purchase, you get a free Fleshlight Alien insert added to your order!

As always, this offer is for a limited time only. If you don't have the Alien insert yet, you should not pass up this opportunity. A review of the insert can be found here: Alien Fleshlight

Here is the link to the offer: Fleshlight Halloween Special

19.07.2013 - Limited Edition: Mini-Lotus texture in a Fleshlight Vibro sleeve

Limited Edition: Mini-Lotus Vibro sleeve

As of late, the Mini-Lotus canal has also been part of the Vibro product series as a limited edition. For this reason, the insert has been equipped with three additional pockets in which you can place three vibrating bullets that cause the Fleshlight to vibrate. Because the bullets tighten the canal entrance, the Mini-Lotus Vibro canal feels significantly tighter than in the original version.

The Mini-Lotus Vibro insert cannot be ordered directly but is currently offered as a complimentary addition to any purchase of a regular Fleshlight Vibro (with Vibro Touch texture). This offer is limited and will most certainly be discontinued very soon.

Here is the link to the offer: Fleshlight Mini-Lotus Vibro

08.07.2013 - Stamina Training Unit now with discreet PURE orifice

Stamina Training Unit with Pure orifice

Timed to coincide with the release of the two new "Fleshlight Flight" masturbators, production of the Fleshlight Pure was discontinued four months ago. However, at least the inconspicuous orifice in the shape of a "donut" is available once again, this time as a Stamina Training Unit with a gold colored case and the intensively stimulating "Stamina" bump texture. If the standard "Pink Lady" pussy orifice of the Stamina Training Unit is perhaps too conspicuous for you, you now have a more discreet alternative in the "Pure" orifice.

Additionally, there is currently a special sale offer at the official Fleshlight store where you will receive a Fleshlight sleeve as a complimentary gift with the purchase of any Stamina Training Unit.

More information can be found here: Stamina Training Unit with "Pure" orifice

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