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Fleshlight - Sex in a Can Review (SIAC) - Test & Comparison

Review Sex in a Can

The "Sex in a Can" product series is also produced by the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF and is based on the same concept as the ordinary Fleshlight: a silky-soft insert made of skin-like "Real Feel Superskin" material is enclosed in a hard plastic case. However, the case of the Sex-in-a-Can masturbators is not shaped like a flashlight but like an ordinary beer can. With such an appearance, the inner masturbator sleeve is actually even better disguised than inside the Fleshlight case and would draw no more attention than carrying around similarly sized beverage cans (16.9 oz / 500 ml). And by the way, the "pussy in a beer can" can make for a funny gift idea for a close male friend and a great party gag.

Otherwise, the basic structure is similar to that of the Fleshlight. The can-shaped case has, like the Fleshlight case, two unscrewable caps at the front and the back. The front cap is designed to protect the respective insert orifice against dust and accidental detection and the rear cap regulates the vacuum inside the inner canal. Also, the Sex-in-a-Can insert is completely removable from the case for purposes of cleaning and drying after use and for warming up prior to use.

Sex in a Can front view SIAC - rear case cap
Sex in a Can - case with insert front view SIAC - rear case cap

The Sex-in-a-Can masturbators are a bit smaller than the ordinary Fleshlight masturbators because the case is only 7.9 inches (20 cm) in length instead of 9.8 inches (25 cm) in length and the maximum diameter of the can-shaped case is just 2.8 inches (7 cm) instead of 3.9 inches (10 cm). This of course has influence on the Sex-in-a-Can insert and the length of the inner canal, which is about 6.9 inches (17.5 cm) instead of 8.8 inches (22.5 cm). Because of the shorter case diameter, the overall material counter-pressure is increased because the insert walls cannot expand as much to the sides. The Sex-in-a-Can inner canals therefore generally provide a considerably increased tightness sensation compared to the ordinary Fleshlight canals.

Comparison of the insert size Comparison of the orifice size
Comparison of the insert size:
Fleshlight (above) and Sex in a Can (below)
Comparison of the orifice size:
Pink Lady (left) and Lady Lager (right)

Overall, the Sex-in-a-Can masturbators are smaller and tighter and thus are of particular interest for men with a normal penis length (5.9 inches / 15 cm) or with a shorter penis. Because the inserts of the ordinary Fleshlight are generally a bit over-dimensioned with inner canals with multi-chamber texture, most men are not able to reach the rear chambers. If you are not blessed with an eight-inch penis and if you, for example, want to feel the Swallow texture all the way to the end or if you want to reach the rear chambers of the Lotus texture, you should have a closer look at the Mini-Swallow / Mini-Lotus texture of the "Sex in a Can" series.

A big disadvantage of the Sex-in-a-Can masturbators is the lack of choice of orifices. With Fleshlights (especially the Fleshlight Girls series), many different pussy, mouth and butt orifices are available but for the Sex-in-a-Can masturbators, only one specific orifice is available for each inner canal.

The grip of the can-shaped case is not optimal because, in contrast to the Fleshlight case, there are no finger grooves. If you have "greasy lubed" fingers, the completely smooth surface is a bit slippery and therefore the case does not sit as well in the hand. Conversely, the smaller size and reduced weight of the Sex-in-a-Can makes it easier to handle than the "big" Fleshlight.

Currently, the following "Sex in a Can" models are available for purchase:

Lady Lager Sukit Draft
Lady Lager (Pussy with Mini-Lotus canal)

Sukit Draft (Mouth with Mini-Swallow canal)

O'Doyle's Stout Succu Dry
O'Doyle's Stout (Butt with Mini-Forbidden canal)

Succu Dry (Vampire Mouth with The Fang canal)

In addition to these "Sex in a Can" models, there is another product line called "Jack's Soda" which has been designed for gays and which offers practically the same products but with different packaging. The only exception is Jack's Gape Soda with an unique bump texture (Butt with Mini-Stamina canal).

Jacks Grape Soda Jacks Banana Cream Soda
Gape Soda (Butt with Mini-Stamina canal)

Banana Cream (Mouth with Mini-Swallow canal)

Jacks Cherry Pop Soda Fleshjack Count Cockula
Cherry Pop (Butt with Mini-Forbidden canal)

Count Cockula (Vampire Mouth with The Fang)

For more infos about the Sex in a Can Series visit the Manufacturers Homepage:

>>> Sex in a Can at Fleshlight.com <<<

>>> Jack's Soda at Fleshjack.com <<<

Sex in a Can / Jack's Soda inner textures

The following inner textures are available as the "Sex in a Can" insert, each with only one specific orifice. Compared to the ordinary Fleshlight canal length, these canals are 2.0 inches (5 cm) shorter.

Sex in a Can - Mini-Lotus (Lady Lager)

Mini-Lotus texture - Lady Lager
Sex in a Can - Mini-Lotus Test Review

Sex in a Can - Mini-Swallow (Sukit Draft / Banana Cream Soda)

Mini-Swallow texture - Sukit Draft
Sex in a Can - Mini-Swallow Test Review

Sex in a Can - Mini-Forbidden (O'Doyle's Stout / Cherry Pop Soda)

Mini-Forbidden texture - O'Doyle's Stout
Sex in a Can - Mini-Forbidden Test Review

Sex in a Can - Mini-Stamina (Jacks Soda - Gape Soda)

Mini-Stamina texture - Jacks Gape Soda
Sex in a Can - Mini-Stamina Test Review

Sex in a Can - The Fang (Succu Dry / Count Cockula)

The Fang texture - Succu Dry
Sex in a Can - The Fang Test Review

Sex in a Can - product models overview

Product Name Inner Canal Texture Overall Rating
Sex in a Can - Lady Lager Mini-Lotus
Sex in a Can - Sukit Draft Mini-Swallow
Sex in a Can - O'Doyle's Stout Mini-Forbidden
Sex in a Can - Succu Dry The Fang
SIAC Jack's Soda - Gape Soda Mini-Stamina
SIAC Jack's Soda - Banana Cream Soda Mini-Swallow
SIAC Jack's Soda - Cherry Pop Soda Mini-Forbidden
SIAC Jack's Soda - Count Cockula The Fang