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Top 10 favorite Fleshlight textures - The best rated Fleshlights

Fleshlight Top 10

Which Fleshlight is the best? The following TOP 10 list present the results of the comparison test for the best of the best Fleshlights. All the Fleshlight textures in the TOP 10 are highly recommended and you shouldn't restrict yourself by purchasing only one Fleshlight because the stimulation sensation of the textures often differ.

  Fleshlight Top 10 (by Overall Rating)

Place   Inner Canal Texture Overall Rating Link to Fleshlight Store
1st   Destroya Stoya - Destroya
2nd   Mini-Swallow Sex in a Can - Sukit Draft
3rd   Pilot (Mini-Destroya) Flight by Fleshlight
4th   Blade Fleshlight Blade
5th   Primal Fleshlight Girls EU (all)
6th   Frankenstein Fleshlight Freaks Frankenstein
7th   Gauntlet Jesse Jane - Gauntlet
8th   Crystal Fleshlight Ice - Crystal
9th   Alien Fleshlight Alien
10th   Swallow Fleshlight Girls (almost all)

The TOP 10 list below presents those Fleshlight textures that best simulate the sensation of actual sex and for which the stimulation inside is as realistic and "natural" as possible.

  Fleshlight Top 10 (by Realism)

Place   Inner Canal Texture Realism Link to Fleshlight Store
1st   Texas Tornado Alexis Texas - Texas Tornado
2nd   Love Humps Teagan Presley - Love Humps
3rd   Wonder Wave Fleshlight Wonder Wave
4th   Mini-Lotus Build-Your-Own - Mini-Lotus
5th   Lotus Fleshlight Girls (all)
6th   Heavenly Jessica Drake - Heavenly
7th   Bump N Grind Misty Stone - Bump N Grind
8th   Super Tight Fleshlight - Super Tight
9th   Vortex Fleshlight Vortex / FL Girls EU
10th   Gauntlet Jesse Jane - Gauntlet

  Special Recommendation - Alien Fleshlight