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Review Vibrating Fleshlight - Vibro Touch Texture - Test & Rating

Vibrating Fleshlight Test Rating

The inserts of the Fleshlight Vibro product series differ from the other Fleshlights inserts in that they have three pockets at the sides that surround the canal entrance and the orifice. Into the pockets, you can place up to three mini-vibrators (called Fleshlight Vibrating Bullets) that cause the case and the insert to vibrate, thereby increasing the overall masturbation pleasure.

In order to use the vibrating Fleshlight Bullets, a bit of laborious preparation is required. You first have to remove the insert from the case and switch on each individual bullet by pressing the button on the top and then stick the bullets into the side-pockets of the Fleshlight insert. The insert with the switched-on vibrating Fleshlight Bullets is then placed back into the case.

Vibrating Fleshlight Bullets Fleshlight Vibro Insert
Sticking the vibrating bullets into the side-pockets Fleshlight Vibro insert equipped with 3 bullets

Once having completed this procedure, you are rewarded with a gently vibrating Fleshlight. Unfortunately, these small vibrators are not that powerful and a large portion of the vibrations is absorbed by the insert and the case. As a result, approximately half of the vibration power reaches the penis and is noticeable as a subtle and gentle vibration. Nevertheless, the vibrating effect renders a great sensation and enhances the stimulation of the insert texture although the vibration alone is not effective enough to bring you to orgasm. To simply stick the penis into the canal without any additional movement is unfortunately insufficient.

Because the vibrating bullets are placed at the front section of the canal, they create substantial tightening of the canal entrance. Especially men with a thicker penis with a diameter of more than 1.3 inches (35 mm) will have difficulties penetrating this section. But for men with a normal-sized or smaller penis, this additional tightness becomes positively noticeable, provided that you like tight vaginas. Optionally you can remove one or two of the Fleshlight Bullets in order to loosen the tightness of this section according to your preferences.

Vibro Touch Texture Review

The inner texture of the Fleshlight Vibro is called "Vibro Touch" and is only available with the two orifices Pink Lady Touch and Pink Butt Touch. The canal of the Vibro Touch insert has a diameter of 0.6 to 0.7 inches (15-18 mm) and is thus relatively wide. Inside the canal are many long-stemmed, pin-shaped bumps positioned very close to each other that protrude at a 45 degree angle into the canal. The bumps, which are approximately 0.2 inches (5 mm) long, cover the entire inner surface and are aligned in the direction of the canal exit.

Vibro Orifices: Pink Lady, Pink Butt Vibro Touch Fleshlight Canal Length
Vibro Orifices: Pink Lady, Pink Butt Vibro Touch Fleshlight Canal Length

Although the canal of the Vibro Touch texture is comparatively loose, relatively strong counter-pressure is applied to the penis surface because the bumps take up a lot of space and therefore tighten the canal. The numerous bumps surround the penis shaft and glans in a gentle and pleasant way and touch, massage and stimulate each millimeter of skin they are able to grab.

When sliding out, you feel this surrounding grab sensation intensifying. Because the penis never makes contact with the canal side-walls (it remains at a distance from the canal side-walls at all times), a very unique feeling appears that is best described as a "squishy sensation". In addition, a very noticeable suction effect accompanies the stimulation.

The clean-up of the dense bump texture is a bit time-consuming because a lot of sperm and lube residue can accumulate between the interstices. The drying time is also relatively long (5-7 hours) and should be shortened by additional drying off with paper towels or by pre-drying with a hair dryer (cool air only!).

The Vibro Touch Fleshlight provides a pleasurable squishy stimulation sensation, which feels wonderful and absolutely unique. If you want a special Fleshlight, you should have a closer look at this texture. Don't expect too much from the vibrating bullets though because the preparation for use is a bit involved and the vibration power is relatively low. However, even without vibration, the stimulation effect of the insert alone is a great experience.

Rating / Test Results

Intensity 7/10 Realism 4/10
Stimulation 8/10 Variation 6/10
Penetration 8/10 Lube Use 4/10
Tightness 7/10 Cleanup 6/10
Suction Effect 7/10 Dry Time 4/10
Overall Rating

For more info about the Vibro Touch Insert visit the manufacturers official homepage:

>>> Fleshlight Vibro Touch at Fleshlight.com <<<

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