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Review Fleshlight Freaks Drac Texture - Test & Rating

Drac Texture Review

Who would not like to have sex with Dracula's bride? We have already found out how the throat of a tooth-armed vampiress feels during the Halloween Special 2009 when a scarily-beautiful vampire mouth was released with the "Succu Dry" Sex-in-a-Can. Since Halloween 2011, a fitting vampire pussy called Fleshlight Drac has also been available as part of the Fleshlight Freaks series.

The Fleshlight Drac has an excitingly designed and very inviting pussy orifice with vagina lips in the shape of two bat wings. For the inner canal, the manufacturer ILF relied on a proven concept - the spiral-rib texture (with additional bumps) that has been used in the Twista and Dragon inserts.

The inner canal has a diameter of 0.5 - 0.6 inch (12 - 15 mm) and is covered by a single very distinctive 0.4 inch (10 mm) wide and 0.2 inch (5 mm) high rib, which coils spiral-shaped throughout the entire insert. The interstices created by this spiral rib are 0.6 inch (15 mm) wide and there are situated plenty of big bumps, which are also arranged in a spiral-shaped line. The bumps are 0.3 inch (7 mm) wide and tapered at the top. Experienced Fleshlight users will instantly recognize these bumps because they are borrowed from the texture of the Stamina Training Unit.

Fleshlight Freaks Drac Pussy Drac Fleshlight Canal Length
Fleshlight Freaks - Drac Pussy Drac Fleshlight Canal Length

Like the Twista and Dragon inserts, the Drac canal creates a very intense enveloping stimulation and you can noticeably feel how the spiral rib coils firmly along the penis head and penis shaft. The rib thereby envelops the penis from all sides and exerts continuous counter-pressure on the penis surface. The wide Stamina bumps, which run in an opposed spiral line between the rib, provide plenty of additional pointed impulses to those areas which are not affected by the spiral rib at the given moment. As a result, both stimulation types (the enveloping sensation and the pointed stimulation) impact on the penis at the same time, creating an outstanding and very intense penis massage.

Upon moving back and forth, a pleasurable "milking sensation" becomes apparent, which remains consistent (like with the Dragon canal) and does not increase the more you slide inside (like with the Twista canal). All in all, the stimulation and the milking sensation are quite similar to the Dragon texture although the bigger bumps are a bit more noticeable.

Once you have completely penetrated the Fleshlight Drac canal with a normal penis length (5.9 inches / 15 cm), the spiral rib is wound nearly three times around the penis shaft. Because the twisted texture continuously repeats, you cannot miss any of the important stimulation elements. There is sufficient space for the accumulation of vacuum inside the interstices in the rear canal part of the Drac insert that gradually brings about an excellent suction effect, which additionally supports the milking sensation.

Some sperm and lube residues can accumulate between the spiral rib but they can easily be rinsed out. The drying time takes about 2 - 3 hours and is therefore comparatively short.

In addition to the excitingly designed vampire pussy, the Fleshlight Drac provides an effective spiral-rib texture that combines an intense enveloping sensation with pointed stimulations. This stimulation effect however is nothing new for owners of the Dragon insert (the Asa Akira Fleshlight) because it feels quite similar. But if you don't already have a Dragon Fleshlight and if the vampire motif appeals to you, you can purchase Dracula's Bride Fleshlight without hesitation.

Rating / Test Results

Intensity 7/10 Realism 6/10
Stimulation 8/10 Variation 7/10
Penetration 7/10 Lube Use 6/10
Tightness 6/10 Cleanup 7/10
Suction Effect 8/10 Dry Time 8/10
Overall Rating

For more information about the Drac Insert visit the manufacturers official homepage:

>>> Fleshlight Freaks Drac at Fleshlight.com <<<

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